They’re All Going to Laugh at You!

Motivation is an inside job.

Sherrell Writes
4 min readJun 25
A page in a book displaying the phrase “You are enough” in black letters against a white background.
What happens when you feel like you aren’t enough? Photo by Bich Tran

It feels hella strange writing this article after being gone for so long. In fact, the last article that I wrote on this platform was published on July 4, 2022. If you are one of my followers, I am so sorry about my absence.

However, I really REALLY appreciate that I still gained followers that left amazing comments on my work. However, I want to explain where I have been.

As a writer, losing confidence can be a difficult and painful experience. For me, it was triggered by a lack of support from a close friend. Yeah, I know it’s cliché, but my confidence, or lack thereof, is the reason that I haven’t been writing.

I was making $4,000 a month in revenue from my writing and felt on top of the world, but my world came crashing down when I found out through a close friend’s text messages that they did not believe in me and were not proud of my work and income. (Insert expletives here, because that’s exactly how I wanted to react.) I was ANGRY!!!

An African American male and female being shocked at the contents of a smartphone.
Sometimes, you absolutely get what you are looking for. Photo by Gitz on Pexels

This revelation not only damaged my self-esteem but also resulted in a decline in my revenue as my motivation and productivity tanked. I went from having the best month I have EVER had in my professional writing life, to questioning my own abilities.

What talent could I possibly possess if even those close to me don’t believe in me? Feeling unsupported by a close friend led to imposter syndrome. I began to doubt my talent and the value of my work.

Without the encouragement and support of this person, I felt as though I wasn’t good enough and considered giving up on my writing altogether. To be fair, this was NOT their fault. No one can force you to stop working.

I feel crazy for even writing this. Motivation is an inside job. How could the words of one person make me feel this low? Even though I know that, I was still — stuck… I would get to my laptop, and then — nothing.

The lack of support from this person also led to feelings of isolation and loneliness. I felt like…



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